Facebook ad manager new update

Today I want to show you the Facebook new feature called “learning phase”.

“Learning phase” means Facebook is optimizing your ads by showing ads to different types of people to learn who is most likely to take the action you’re optimizing for (PPE, leads, purchase etc).
The learning phase word is available on Adset inside the Ad manager.

During the learning phase, Facebook starts delivering your adset, from the start of a campaign until you get 50 conversions within 7 days (if you optimize for leads you need 50 leads and for purchase, you need 50 purchases). During the learning, phase expects the changes of cost per result of your choice.

Note; after the adset start to deliver don’t edit, if you edit the learning phase starts again.
Don’t edit the following;
    • Bidding
    • Budget
    • Targeting
    • Ad creative
    • Scheduling

What you need to do?
Like I said before don’t edit anything until your adset gets 50 conversions of your choice, but you don’t have to do that.
Well, When you run the ad at the beginning most of us we’re trying to see if the ad will bring some results. Assume you get some conversion for the budget you have like $2 per lead and the budget for testing was $5.
This means $2 times 50 conversion equal to $100 within 7 days, so your budget needs to be $100 to get 50 conversions, when divided by 7  is equal to $14.3 per day. From there you edit your budget and run ad for $14.3 per day.
Hope this is helpful

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